Dear Friends,

Want some quick learning for Shabbat? A topic from the weekly Torah reading related to real-life and in the spirit of Hannaton? 

At the Hannaton Midrasha, we are proud to send you a series of short lessons on the Torah portion (and sometimes holidays and special events as well) entitled “Witness the Thunder”, or in Hebrew “רואים את הקולות”.  Each short film is presented by a different teacher at the Hannaton Midrasha and reflects his or her personal perspective. Our goal is to bring some of the spirit, the learning and the people of Hannaton outside and to give you – our graduates, friends and partners – a chance to experience and be a part of Hannaton.

We welcome you to view these short talks, to learn from them, respond to them, use them for your own discussions and pass them on to others.

All videos are in Hebrew and most have English subtitles.

With many thanks to the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Foundation for helping make this project happen.


Toledot – Rabbi Yoav Ende – On Family, Education and Love

 Vayetze – Elad Arnon – On Jacob’s Dream

Vayishlach – Rabbi Menachem Succot – On My Self-Image and Who I Am

Vayeshev – Dr. Nurit Novis-Deutsch – On the Complicated Connection Between Success and Jealousy

Miketz – Rabbi Oded Mazor – Stubborn Hope

Vayigash – Ayal Beer – The Strength in Weakness

Vayehi – Itai Capsouto – The Celebration of Light


Vaera – Udi Bernstein – Free Choice


Beshalach – Elad Arnon – On the Splitting of the Red Sea as a Founding Cultural Story


Yitro – Dr. Nurit Novis-Deutsch – Why We Should Not Educate Towards Values?

 Mishpatim – Dr. Nira Nahaliel – On Witch Hunts


Teruma – Rabbi Menachem Succot – What is my Contribution: From the Communal to the Individual


Tetzave – Rabbi Oded Mazor – Clothing Speaks


Ki Tisa – Rabbi Yoav Ende – On the Breaking of the Tablets

 Vayakhel – Udi Bernstein – Shadow, Image and Photo


 International Women’s Day – Ariel Dotan – On Sisters


Vayikra – Ayal Beer – Purim, Esther and Ruth



Shimini – Rabbi Menachem Succot – Between Separation and Release


Tazria – Rabbi Yoav Ende – On Self-Knowledge 


Metzora – Dr. Nurit Novis-Deutsch – On Preserving and Changing on Seder Night


Passover – Dr. Nira Nahaliel – V’he She’amda


Kedoshim – Rabbi Oded Mazor – On Holiness: A Given or Something Earned?


Israel Independence Day – Udi Bernstein – From Post-Trauma to Hope