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Students in the Hannaton Mechina’s activism committee started collaborating with ‘Shibolim’ to promote accessibility for people with disabilities. Abigail, who initiated the idea with her friends, discusses the first meeting.

As part of our volunteer work at the Hannaton Mechina, we worked on activism in the area of accessibility. We decided to collaborate with the “Shibolim” organization, which promotes the integration of youth into pre-military preparations. We decided to create a “garin” or small group, made up of mechina students from around the country. After many months of work and planning, the garin was established.

Just a few weeks ago, 12 of us met to take part in a project aimed at promoting the equal right of participation of young people with disabilities in pre-military mechinot. During the day we discussed ideas for raising awareness about the situation in Israel and mechinot, and divided into small work groups to brainstorm about projects.

At the end of the day, we built an action plan that includes lesson plans, plus a platform which will connect mechina students to hikers with disabilities to help them during their trip. The garin will work to create infrastructure for the years to come. 

This article originally appeared in Hebrew on the website of the Joint Council of Mechinot. To read the full article in Hebrew, click here.

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