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Debbie Perla
Development and Evaluation

Debbie Perla

Originally from Long Island, Debbie made aliyah in 1989. Before moving to Kibbutz Hannaton in 2010 with her husband and four children, Debbie lived in Jerusalem. She attended Barnard College and List College at the Jewish Theological Seminary, and has a law degree from Hebrew University. Most recently, Debbie was Grants Coordinator for the Yemin Orde Youth Village. Prior to that, Debbie worked in family law and served as director of the nonprofit organization Mavoi Satum (Organization for the Rights of Abandoned Women).

Debbie is a former USYer and Ramahnik (Berkshires). In her free time, she quilts, dances and continues to seek the optimal school for her children whose education has spanned almost every type available in Israel from secular to religious, democratic and Waldorf, to Arab-Jewish schools.