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In a year of closed borders, we want to open up hearts. In an age of separation and discord, extremism and adversity– we want to connect and unite. In a time when words like moderation, tradition and complexity are worn away we hold true to their values, carrying out messages of progress in a divided society.

We can and we must nurture a young generation that is dedicated and passionate, understanding the complex nature of Israel’sJewish reality and acts within it towards a better tomorrow. Our alumni are a representation of themulti faceted Israeli mosaic, the future leaders of Israel: in the IDF, in the world-renowned high-tech industry, in education and industry, in the private sector and in public offices.

We seek to bring people together instead of driving them apart, to cry out against injustice and build a society where everyone belongs and where respect is shown towards those who live differently. Together we will continue to be a place where Judaism unites and flourishes. Together we will build the identity and character of Israel. Together we will embrace our differences and shape a shared destiny.

Contribute today and become part of the story. The Hannaton Educational Center – Driving Change Within! The funds donated will help us to enlarge class and dormitory structure, enabling us to bring in more young men and women, attract more renowned lecturers, and grow our influence in Israel.

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