The Hannaton Educational Center: Mission and Vision

At the Hannaton Educational Center, we provide a rich connection to Judaism for Israelis and a dynamic experience of Israel for Diaspora Jews. We are working to realize our vision of a more democratic and egalitarian Israel.

The future of Israeli society is in the hands of tomorrow’s Jewish leaders. To be a leading force in changing the Jewish state, these young adults need a safe spaces for serious dialogue about Zionism and ongoing opportunities to meaningfully connect to Israel’s land and people.

Our Mission

The Hannaton Educational Center is a formal learning community and leadership institute. We are situated on Kibbutz Hannaton in the Lower Galilee. Our mission is to create an Israeli society that welcomes diversity – both political and religious – and embraces people regardless of beliefs, background, gender or sexual preference.

Realizing our Vision

Educational programming at HannatonWe fulfill our mission through our four main educational leadership programs. These programs are focused on informing, engaging, and nourishing tomorrow’s Jewish leaders. These programs are:

The Hannaton Mechina. A post-high school leadership program for Israeli teens, dedicated to a year of study, leadership training, the exploration of Jewish-Israeli identity, and participation in community service before beginning compulsory service in the Israel Defense Forces. 

The NOAM (Masorti youth) pre-army leadership program. NOAM’s top leadership group spends ten weeks at Hannaton following a pre-army year of service, in a program that combines Judaic studies with advanced leadership training and volunteering in local communities and institutions.

Tiferet. Tiferet is a six-month-long work program for post-army young Israelis that offers a unique הבנים של גרעין לביאopportunity for personal and Zionist fulfillment, combining agriculture, learning, volunteering, and communal living.   

The Institute for Jewish Leadership. Providing programming for rabbis, rabbinical students and young Jewish leaders from around the world.

We welcome you to come visit us, join one of our programs and bring about a better Israel together.