The Spiritual, Educational, and Ritual Mikveh at Hannaton

In the heart of the Lower Galilee, amidst fields of grass and wild flowers, lies the only  mikveh in the State of Israel open to people to immerse as they so choose. Following the dissolution of the original kibbutz, the mikveh became run-down and was in urgent need of repair. Rabbi Dr. Haviva Ner-David, volunteer mikveh director, is overseeing the renovation and rejuvenation of the mikveh. She has expertise in the halachot regarding mikveh and ritual immersion and has a welcoming and non-judgmental approach that draws Jews to explore Jewish spirituality via the mikveh. Run in conjunction with the Hannaton Educational Center, programming includes retreats and seminars on all aspects of ritual life from an innovative religious perspective including:

– Monthly renewal immersions (for couples or individuals)
– Pre-Shabbat and holiday ritual immersions by women and men
– Approximately 200 conversions a year through the Masorti Movement in Israel
– Women’s study groups and Rosh Chodesh immersions
– “Experience and Study” mikveh seminars for rabbinical students, teens, and adolescents
– Life cycle and transition mikveh rituals including: Bar and Bat mitzvah, pre-wedding, post-natal, menopause, empty nest, divorce, recovery from illness, miscarriage, and bereavement
– Retreats for marriage preparation, healing, and bereavement all incorporating a mikveh element or ritual

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Rabbi Dr. Haviva Ner-David