In January 2017, the Hannaton Educational Center and Landmarks will begin a new project partnership – Tiferet – and bring post-army Israelis to Hannaton to study Jewish and Zionist texts, develop their identities and connect more closely to the land of Israel. Other programs throughout Israel focus on learning or leadership or community. They are either orthodox or have no religious element at all. Tiferet is the only short-term, post-army agricultural initiative open to both men and women that  incorporates serious Jewish studies, a leadership training component through community service and exposes participants to a pluralistic living and learning environment.

Tentative Schedule:

One month – intensive study program of Jewish text (Bible, Mishnah, modern Zionist writers and poets), focused on Jewish and Israeli identity, the land of Israel, the Jewish perspectives on agriculture, food and work. This month will be divided into two sections – two weeks at the start of the program and two weeks at the end.

Five months –

  • daily work on farms in the Jezreel Valley (five days/week)
  • two weekly learning sessions
  • special group activities every two weeks, including hikes, trips and special seminars
  • volunteer day once a month
  • One Shabbat a month at Hannaton, including meals with community members, participation in synagogue and learning

Participants will be taught by the Program Coordinator and Hannaton’s experienced and inspiring educational staff.  Classes and workshops will offer participants new meaning in their work, help connect them to the land of Israel and encourage them to find their place in the community of Israel. Held in an egalitarian setting, the program will encourage participants to explore their Jewish identities in facilitated conversations with peers from across the religious spectrum and will promote a pluralistic approach to Jewish communal life. Through their educational and community work in the lower Galilee, participants will be mentored as future leaders, and encouraged to take leadership roles in work and community activities.


Tiferet is aimed at Israelis between the ages of 22 and 30, who have completed their army service in the last year and are seeking meaningful work combined with a learning program set within a wider community setting. A limited number of Jewish participants from other countries are also eligible to join the program.

Tiferet – Guiding Values and Goals

Assisting young Israelis in connecting to the land, their Jewish heritage, and a pluralistic Jewish community.and Jewish identity.

Integration of Jewish and Zionist values – combining agricultural work, Jewish and Zionist learning, and local and national community involvement.

Developing the periphery – connecting to the outlying areas of communities in Israel by living on Kibbutz Hannaton and becoming part of the Hannaton community.

Program Objectives

Establishment and implementation of an educational curriculum focused on Zionism, Jewish identity, and a pluralistic Israeli society

Offering support to farmers and others in the agriculture field in the Jezreel Valley

Instilling in post-army Israelis a commitment to Jewish community and the strengthening of a pluralistic and democratic Israeli society that will serve as a foundation for their future life choices

Encouraging Israelis to move to the more outlying areas of the country and in particular, the Jezreel Valley, to strengthen existing communities and to begin setting up new ones.